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Who we are?

We are experts in finding the best solutions  suitable for your needs.  

With decades of experience in risk analysis, we believe that every person  and institution deserves exceptional services  that guarantee  protection at all  stage of your life. For that we counted  with the partnership of the best insurers in the world.  Contact us, and speak to one of our agents.

Funcionario - Nuno Gonçalves

Nuno Gonçalves


Funcionario - Rui Gonçalves

Rui Gonçalves

claims manager 

Funcionario - Andreia Castro

Andreia Castro

Financial Department 

Funcionario - Marcia Moreira

​Marcia Moreira

Insurance Consultant -   slate

Funcionario - Patricia Pacheco

Patricia Pacheco

Insurance Consultant - Paredes

Funcionario - Marta Bento

marta bento

Insurance Consultant - Santo Tirso

Meet our team

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